Enveave is the Digital Infrastructure for environmental actions on a mission to become a collective for all environmental initiatives in India.


Our vision is that Enveave will become the platform for all environmental initiatives by the citizens and organizations in India and the main forum for anyone who wants to contribute to the environment.


Enveave aims to get together civil society, individuals, expert groups, academia, the research community, and industry on a common platform and provide a single place to collaborate on various projects related to Ecology and Environment. We aim to ease the launch and execution of such projects, large or small, and “Let a Million Environment Flowers Bloom”.

Questions & Answers

Enveave is a non-profit and free to use. We are committed to making our platform accessible to as many people as possible.

Anyone interested in taking action on environmental issues is welcome on Enveave. This includes individuals, communities, and organisations of all sizes and types.

Your project should be directly related to environmental restoration with on-ground implementation. For modern-day environmental actions to succeed, they need improved collaboration and on-the-ground implementation to either build or restore ecological ecosystems. Hence, we are currently devoting our resources to bringing people together and making it easy for them to work for core implementation actions in environmental restoration. However, we understand that each project has its own unique approach, and our teams will be happy to guide you. Please schedule a call with us.

Enveave is sector agnostic and supports a wide range of environmental projects, including air, land, and water pollution, clean energy, deforestation, waste management, and more.

There are many ways to get involved with Enveave! You can sign up for an account on the platform and start a project, work on a project as a volunteer, donate to a project of your interest, advice an initiative of your expertise or maybe just browse projects on Enveave and spread the word. If you’re looking to work with us to build and scale Enveave, send us a note at enveave@iiitd.ac.in.

Lead. Initiate. Collaborate.
Let a Million Environment Flowers Bloom.